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Our mission is to distribute toys to existing non-profits that serve disadvantaged youth, such as youth with terminal illnesses and those living in poverty. Led by our unique team of youth founders, we raise monetary donations for toys using both traditional and online fundraising methods. 

At FreeToys.com everyone wins – youth who participate on the giving end learn the benefits of helping others in need, and youth who participate on the receiving end will have a restored sense of hope and goodwill. 

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Meet Our Founders

The three Taylor children in Minneapolis are launching FreeToys.com along with their family and friends! Together, they’re creating online toy reviews for other youth to view.

Meet Stella, age 9, who adores art projects, crafts, and interactive games. Meet Stevie, age 7, who enjoys action figures, building construction toys, and outdoor games. Lastly, meet Gracie, age 5, who absolutely loves dolls – she never tires of playing with her growing collection of dolls. Joining the Taylor children as well will be a few of their family members and friends.

Stella Taylor

Stevie Taylor

Common Questions

Youth participating on the giving end will learn the personal, social, and societal benefits of philanthropy for disadvantaged youth, in addition to valuable entrepreneurial and financial skills, as they serve as “managers” of FreeToys.com. Founding youth managers will also participate in a home-based educational experience in which qualified adults teach a sequence of lessons instructing the basics of youth charities, donations, fundraising, as well as potentially appropriate toys to offer or review.

What will youth volunteers learn?

Start-up costs will be minimal, and its cash flow will break even early in development through use of the Google Grants program. which provides $10,000 per month of in-kind advertising to non-profits. Because the toy vertical is massive and the “cost per click” is low, FreeToys.com represents an ideal prospect for maximizing Google’s monthly budget. Advertising will drive targeted visitors to FreeToys.com and generate donations. The founders will also implement crowd-funding efforts online to support FreeToys.com by and for youth. Finally, an e-commerce online toy store will be formed that allocates a predetermined percent of all sales to funds allocated to exiting youth non-profits for charitable donations of toys. 

How will you raise funding?

What is FreeToys.com marketing strategy?

FreeToys.com will document the formation, development, and implementation of the non-profit by youth through content published on Youtube.  This low-budget approach will capture the founders as they develop the non-profit and is designed to attract substantial website traffic and foster healthy online competition from other youth (who develop and are incented for content submitted to the channel), both of which will increase revenue for FreeToys.com. 

The long-term objective is to beta test FreeToys.com as an innovative business model for any vertical through which a non-profit can raise money to distribute to existing non-profits. This model may ultimately include a variety of affiliate websites and sophisticated money management strategies (e.g., private label donor advised funds). 

What's Next?

Kids helping kids, 

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Who We Help

FreeToys.com focuses its giving toward children with leukemiamultiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis, as well as children living in poverty.

Our Financials

We raise money through donations on our website, via our online e-commerce toy store, and through our online crowd-funding efforts. Our operational expenses are extremely low because we rely on volunteer staffing, and our online endeavors are supported in part by the Google grants program for eligible 501c3s. This allows us to focus on providing additional toys (or money for toys) to those we serve! 

We’re documenting the development of FreeToys.com through videos published on Youtube! See how our founding youth managers learn business skills to create and manage the non-profit. Also see our founders and their friends provide reviews of toys, which are then distributed to youth in need. Finally, we solicit and post content from outside youth who see our Youtube clips and become interested in contributing their own toy reviews to our organization.

Questions about FreeToys.com? We’ve got answers. email us at freetoys.com@gmail.com